My Works

Here are some works that I'm involved with 📚


Ayo Dengar Ayo Bicara

Andrew C., Brian R., Chandra

Ayo Dengar Ayo Bicara (ADAB) is an app to help deaf and mute students at BINUS University by providing access to real-time speech transcription service allowing them to better understand the lecturers.

[Press] [Docs] [GitHub] [Google Play Store]


Andrew C., et al

Assignoti is a web app made using Vue.js and Firebase to help MAT 2022 students better manage their assignments or tasks. With auto-syncing feature with BINUSMaya, every new assignment will be automatically sent to Discord and LINE bot for easier access.

[Website] [GitHub]


Reinhart K.

Dungi is a document sharing platform by a swedish company Abersoft Technologies that's designed to protect the document from being shared to other people. I developed the app using Vue.js and Firebase.



Andrew C., Andrew M. T., Sugiharso, Christopher T., et al

Homethru is an all-in-one IoT platform for everybody's home automation needs. This project made for my third-year course project at university. Powered by ESP8266 and Amazon Web Services.



Brian R., Chandra

Made for Compfest Innovative App 2019, Tamago is a digital penny bank app, designed for young parents to teach their kids how to save money in a fun and interactive way.

[PDF] [GitHub]


Andrew C., Calvin A., Douglas N., Reksa M.

Intended for patients with the need of constant vital signs monitoring by their doctors, Pulvis is a mobile-oriented, smartphone-based vital signs monitoring system. Working in tandem with our in-house, Arduino-based IoT device, Pulvis allows patients' vital signs to be monitored just about anywhere, anytime.

[PDF] [GitHub]

Xoplax OS

Yosef S., et al

Xoplax is an operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), formerly tailored mainly for Xiaomi devices, which unlocks features not available on the official firmware.



I am yet to publish my papers, and I don't have plans for that yet.

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