Stanley Ang

Mobile Application and Technology student at BINUS University


About Me

I'm a Computer Science student at BINUS University currently studying Mobile Application and Technology.

I love everything tech-related, from designing UI/UX to creating real-world problem-solving apps.


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Ayo Dengar Ayo Bicara

Andrew C., Brian R., Chandra

Ayo Dengar Ayo Bicara (ADAB) is an app to help deaf and mute students at BINUS University by providing access to real-time speech transcription service allowing them to better understand the lecturers.

[Press] [Docs] [GitHub] [Google Play Store]


Andrew C., Andrew M. T.

Rokaru is a mobile-based application that was created and designed specifically to help increase the level of public awareness of MSMEs in the surrounding environment.

[GitHub] [YouTube]

Awards & Honors


  • 1st Champion of BINUS Hackathon 2020
  • Top 8 finalists in UMN BIOS Hackathon 2019
  • Finalist in Compfest 11 Innovative App Competition by Tokopedia
  • Finalist in UAJY Siloam Hackathon 2019


  • Best Freshmen Leader in BINUS FYP 2023
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